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About Us

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Nord Silo was founded and developed in the golden age of China’s cement industry. Nord Silo actively participated in the market competition and grew into the leading steel silo supplier in China. More than 20 years of grinding a sword, always focus on cement, fly ash, clinker, coal, aggregate, mineral powder, aluminum powder and other materials storage and transport R & D design, equipment manufacturing, civil design and construction, project construction, production operation and maintenance services, has established in-depth cooperation with the domestic top design institute, large cement plants and energy companies, built more than 500 steel silo projects. The reliable performance and quality of the project have won high recognition from owners.

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From up to down it’s made up of the best quality

We have a strong technical force team, successfully applied for 8 invention patents, 17 utility model patents, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and other national certification standards. Our company’s unique flat base steel silo discharging technology is the most advanced technology in China. The unloading rate of the flat base steel silo can reach more than 95%.

core advantages

Accumulated over 20 years of experience in cement plant , customized the most fitted solution.

Simplify the production process, avoid material round-trip transportation, and ensure economic rationality.

Adopting mature and reliable equipment, strictly controlling quality, and ensuring advanced technical indicators.

Rich construction experience, scientific and reasonable construction management, ensuring that the project is delivered on time.

The company’s organizational structure is flattened, with fast communication and response.

Professional operation and maintenance team provides professional training.


Utility model patent certificate

Invention patent

Factory Tour

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Inside the factory (1)
Inside the factory (6)

A strong resource integration capability and a team with extensive project management experience ensure that Nord can delivery the project successfully to the owner.

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