Comparing New vs Used Concrete Silos for Sale: Pros and Cons


When looking to purchase concrete silos for storing bulk materials like grains or powders, an important decision is whether to buy new or used. Concrete silos can last for decades if properly maintained, so buying used can offer big cost savings. However, new silos come with warranties and less uncertainty. This article will compare the pros and cons of new vs used concrete silos for sale to help you make the right choice.

Cost Comparison

Concrete Silos for Sale

The most obvious difference between new and used concrete silos is purchase price. Used silos can cost 50-75% less than brand new models. For example:

Silo CapacityNew Silo CostUsed Silo Cost
1,000 bushels$15,000$5,000
5,000 bushels$30,000$10,000
10,000 bushels$50,000$15,000

As you can see, buying used offers major cost savings, especially for larger capacity concrete silos. However, you need to factor in other costs like repair and delivery when weighing new vs used.

Condition and Structural Integrity

The main benefit of buying new concrete silos is you get an unused structure designed to the latest engineering specs. New silos also come with manufacturer warranties against defects for at least a year. With used silos, you don’t know the full history, so thorough inspection is required to check for cracks, spalling, leaks, corrosion, or other damage affecting structural integrity. Testing for hazards like confined space gases or oxygen levels may also be prudent. Make sure to have any issues assessed and repaired by qualified technicians.

LocationWhat to Check
Interior surfaceCracks, chips, spalling, scaling, deterioration
Exterior surfaceCracks, leaks, water damage, corrosion, holes
Bolts, bands, sealsTightness, leaks, wear, corrosion, damage
Ladders, safety cageCondition, safety
FoundationSettling, movement, cracking

Ease of Relocation

Used concrete silos will generally have a lower cost if they are sold “as is, where is” without the ability to move them. Having an existing silo already assembled onsite is convenient. However, you lose flexibility on placement or the option to take it with you if you change farm sites. Dismantling and relocating used silos brings added complexity and costs compared to portable new silos designed for easy transport.

Investing in Upgrades

While used silos are cheaper, you may end up investing more in upgrades like:

  • New coatings/linings
  • Fill/discharge conveyors
  • Aeration fans
  • Dust filters
  • Safety cage ladders
  • Automatic unloaders
  • Level monitors

New silos let you customize options from the start for maximum efficiency. Determine if upgrade costs outweigh the used silo discount.

Permitting and Taxes

Local building codes often require permits and taxes to erect new silos or transfer site ownership. Used silos may have existing permits you can transfer for less cost and paperwork. However, permits may need updating if you alter or move the silo. Review regulations with your jurisdiction in advance to avoid violations.

Resale Value

Concrete silos are built to last generations, even used models. If properly maintained, both new and used silos will hold a decent resale price. However, unused new silos tend to retain slightly higher value over a comparable used version.

Conclusion:Concrete Silos for Sale

Purchasing used concrete silos offers major upfront cost savings over new, but involves more homework researching condition, transferability, and possible upgrade expenses down the road. For peace of mind and customization, new silos can be a worthwhile investment. Assess your budget, timeline, site specs, and risk tolerance before deciding between new or used concrete silos for sale. With due diligence on inspection and permitting, used silos present an affordable storage solution for farmers looking to cut costs.


How long do concrete silos last?

Properly maintained concrete silos can last over 50 years. The longevity comes from concrete’s strength and durability as a building material when reinforced with steel.

What is the typical cost per bushel for used concrete silos?

Used concrete silo costs typically range from $2-$4 per bushel capacity depending on size, condition, and accessories included. Smaller silos under 1,000 bushels cost more per bushel compared to larger 5,000+ bushel silos.

What should I look out for when inspecting a used concrete silo?

When inspecting a used concrete silo, carefully check both interior and exterior surfaces for any cracks, spalling, erosion, leaks, or other deterioration that could affect structural stability. Also inspect the foundation for levelness, shifted soil, or cracks that indicate uneven settling.

Can I relocate a used concrete silo?

It is possible to dismantle and relocate a used concrete silo. However, this involves added complexity and cost to disconnect conveyors, dust filters or other accessories and jackhammer the silo off its foundation. Portable bolted steel silos are easier to transport than monolithic concrete silos.

What upgrades should I consider for a used concrete silo?

Common upgrades for used concrete silos include new protective coatings/linings, installing aeration, automation, and dust mitigation accessories. Safety additions like guardrails, fall arrest systems, and ventilation are often lacking on older silos up to current standards.

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