Steel fly ash storage silo system widely used in

Cement plant

Clinker grinding plant


Commercial transit center

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Silo system usually composed of

Flow chart

Feeding into silo system

Feeding into silo system: according to upstream process condition, reasonably select bucket elevator or pneumatic conveying system.

Storage silo system

According to total storage capacity, turnover period, process flexibility, investment and other factors, choose silo type accordingly.

Silo unloading system

According to material characteristics, unloading capacity requirements, and geological conditions, and combining with civil cost, choose reasonable unloading ways.

Distribution system

According to owner requirements, set up bulk truck loading station, train loading station, ship loading station, small bags or ton bags bagging system, or connect to downstream production lines according to actual needs.

Fly ash separation system

According to market demand, through reasonable design and configuration to set up separation system, fly ash is divided into first-level ash and second-level ash grades to enhance economic value.

—NORD master core technology—

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● Efficient silo aeration unloading technology

● Efficient fly ash separation system technology

● Process design with advanced technology, reliable production and improved efficiency.

● Structure design is economical and reliable, and provide calculation book.

● Electric control system, deeply understanding of material storage process, the automatic control system is reasonable, easy to operate, and reduces the number of fixed-position operators.

A strong resource integration capability and a team with extensive project management experience ensure that Nord can delivery the project successfully to the owner.

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