Ingenuity Quality

Cement Silos

Galvanized Spiral Silo

Capacity 5000~80000 tons Efficient storage solution for large bulk materials…

tank silo

Weld Silo

Single silo capacity 1000 ~ 8000 ton Widely used in grinding plant and port terminal…….

Silo 5000 Ton

Hopper Silo

Single silo capacity 200 ~ 2000 ton Widely used for bulk material transferring and bulk loading…..

Feeding Into Silo System

Conveying System

  • Air Slider

    Air Slider

    The air slider chute has no rotating parts when conveying material, easy to maintain, good sealing, no noise,…

  • Dust Filter

    Dust Filter

    The HMC pulse single bag dust collector adopts a pulse jet cleaning method, which has…

Unloading And Distribution System

  • Mixing System

    Mixing System

    Mixing System The cement mixer is suitable for mixing cement raw materials according to the…

Electric Control System

Grinding Plant Epc Solution

Ideal epc solution for grinding plant construction and technology upgrade…

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