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Ball mill structure and working principle:

The mill is mainly composed of cylinder, liner, compartment board, bearing, feeding and unloading device and transmission device.

The material enters the cylinder body through the feeding part. The grinding medium (steel ball/ceramic ball) in the cylinder body will produce centrifugal force with the material along with the rotation of the cylinder. When the material is raised to a certain height, it will be thrown down according to the action of gravity, and the material will be crushed under the impact of the grinding medium on the material. The crushed material will be discharged from the machine through the discharge port by the thrust of the feeding and flushing water, thus completing the entire grinding process.

In the grinding process, how to achieve high quality, high output and low consumption (power consumption per unit product, consumption of grinding body and liner) is an important issue to be studied in the grinding production process, and there are many influencing factors:


Particle size of the feeding material:

In general medium-sized cement plants, the particle size of the grinding material is 8 ~ 10mm



Under possible conditions, the raw materials with good grainability should be selected as far as possible, and the clinker with high C3S content and fast cooling speed should be produced. The clinker after proper aging and cooling, and the CaO in the clinker will absorb water and become Ca (0H)2. The volume expansion in this conversion process can improve the grainability of the clinker.


Temperature of grinding material:

The temperature of the grinding material should be controlled. According to experience, it should be controlled below 50 ° C. The temperature of grinding cement should be controlled below 110 ~ 120C.


Water content of the grinding material:

The average moisture of the grinding material is generally controlled at about 1%.


Inside mill ventilation


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