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Electric Control System

Electric control system includes power supply and distribution system, electrical automation control system, lighting and maintenance system, lightning protection earthing system, fire alarm control system and the control, measurement and protection of electrical equipment within the scope.

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Control method requirements: The control method of the steel silo system is DCS/PLC centralized control, and local machine side control is used as a backup.


The electrical control system should be based on the following comprehensive considerations:


(1) The wiring is simple, clear, operable, and reliable. Meet the necessary reliability and power quality requirements for the power supply of electrical equipment.


(2) Easy to operate and maintain. The main components (heavy components) should be easy to disassemble, restore, and repair, and also provide lifting hooks, handles, and bolt holes for lifting and handling.


(3) Interchangeability of equipment and components of the same level ;


(4) All components within the system should be properly coordinated.


(8) The service life of electrical equipment is 30 years.


(9) The electrical equipment provided should be energy-saving products.

Electric Control System
The Electric Control System is a sophisticated and essential component of modern industrial machinery. It comprises an intricate network of electrical components, sensors, and computer systems that work together to regulate the operation of machines and equipment. The system allows for precise control over various functions such as speed, temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Through the use of advanced programming techniques, the Electric Control System can detect changes in operating conditions and adjust settings accordingly to ensure optimal performance at all times.


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