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O-SEPA High Efficiency Powder Separator

The structure of O-SEPA type efficient powder separator is mainly composed of the following four parts: shell, rotary part, transmission device and lubrication system.

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The efficiency and separation accuracy of o-sepa high efficiency powder separator are greatly improved, and the production practice has proved that compared with the traditional powder separator, the grinding system can increase production by 20-30% and save power by 15-20%. The product contains 3-30μm which plays a major role in cement strength. The quality of cement mud has been greatly improved: the temperature of the cement is low, and there is generally no need to use water or cement cooler in the mill, which reduces the production cost and simplifies the additional system; The ventilation in the mill and the dust collection gas in the system are all introduced into the powder separator to simplify the process; The fineness control is sensitive and the adjustment range is wide. Because the powder selection area is narrow and long, it is small in size, light in weight, and easy to be arranged, especially for the old factory transformation, the conditions are more convenient.

At the same time, we also have coal mill dynamic separator and V-type separator to choose from, please contact us directly for accurate solutions.


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